2W400 40H

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Realizing exacting control of fluid and gas flow through the integration of electromagnetic principles.

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Body Material



Air, Gas, Water, Liquid, Oil (below 20cts)



Pipe Size





AC220V, AC110V, DC24V, DC12V


G-Thread, NPT Thread

Mode of action

Sime-direct acting

Function Type

Normally closed




Sealing Options: 

  1. EPDM(E):suitable to water,hot,water,gas,freon,the max.110°C; ln case you choose EPDM.
  2. Viton(V):suitable to hot water,acid,alkali,chemical salt,oil and hydrocarbon; the MAX. 130°C.
  3. Metal coverd coil(IP54)is standard.
  4. Thread: lf different from G connection,it should be indicated.


Competitive Advantage:

Reliability: These solenoid valves are engineered with a focus on reliability. They are designed to consistently maintain an open position when not energized, ensuring uninterrupted fluid flow. This reliability is crucial in applications where any disruption in flow can have significant consequences, such as in critical industrial processes or emergency systems.

2. Energy Efficiency: The normally open configuration of these solenoid valves is inherently energy-efficient. In their default state, they consume minimal power, contributing to energy savings over time. This energy efficiency is particularly valuable in applications where valves are continuously in operation, helping to reduce operational costs.

3. Versatility: These solenoid valves are incredibly versatile and can effectively control a wide range of fluids and gases. Their adaptability makes them suitable for use in diverse industries, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), manufacturing, agriculture, and more. Whether it’s managing water, air, or other compatible media, they excel in maintaining precise control.

4. Durability: Crafted from high-quality brass, these valves are not only robust but also highly resistant to corrosion. Their durability ensures a long service life, even in harsh and corrosive environments. This reliability translates to reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

5. Precision Control: One of the standout features of these solenoid valves is their ability to offer precise control over fluid flow. This level of control is essential in applications where accurate flow management is critical for system performance, efficiency, and safety.

6. Ease of Installation: Installation of these solenoid valves is straightforward and user-friendly. This simplicity reduces installation time and labor costs, minimizing operational downtime during setup. Their compatibility with various voltage options further enhances ease of integration into different electrical systems.

7. Customization Options: Many manufacturers offer customization options, allowing users to tailor the valve to their specific application requirements. These options can include selecting different port sizes, seal materials, and coil configurations, ensuring the valve is optimized for the intended use.

8. Safety Enhancements: The normally open design of these solenoid valves enhances safety in applications where immediate fluid flow is crucial. They can quickly close in response to an electrical signal or emergency situation, mitigating potential hazards or damage.

9. Low Maintenance: These solenoid valves are designed with minimal maintenance requirements in mind. This reduces operational disruptions and maintenance costs over their extended lifespan, adding to their cost-effectiveness.

10. Cost-Effectiveness: Combining all these attributes, these valves offer a cost-effective solution over the long term. Their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements translate into reduced operating costs and a longer service life compared to alternative valve options.

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