2W160 10

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Precise and efficient control of fluid and gas flow through the use of electromagnetic principles.

Additional information

Body Material



Air, Gas, Water, Liquid, Oil (below 20cts)



Pipe Size





AC220V, AC110V, DC24V, DC12V


G-Thread, NPT Thread

Mode of action

Sime-direct acting

Function Type

Normally closed




Sealing Options: 

  1. EPDM(E):suitable to water,hot,water,gas,freon,the max.110°C; ln case you choose EPDM.
  2. Viton(V):suitable to hot water,acid,alkali,chemical salt,oil and hydrocarbon; the MAX. 130°C. In case you choose Viton, please state”y” in your order.
  3. Metal coverd coil(IP54)is standard.
  4. Thread: lf different from G connection,it should be indicated.


Competitive Advantage:

  1. High-Performance Fluid Control: Our 2-way brass solenoid valve is designed for precise control of fluids in a wide range of applications. Crafted from high-quality brass, it ensures exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.
  2. Reliable On/Off Operation: This solenoid valve offers dependable on/off operation, making it ideal for applications where fluid flow needs to be controlled with precision and consistency.
  3. Versatile Applications: With its versatile design, this brass solenoid valve finds applications in industries such as HVAC, industrial automation, irrigation, and water treatment, where efficient fluid control is crucial.
  4. Efficient Energy Usage: Engineered for efficiency, this valve boasts low power consumption, helping you reduce energy costs while maintaining optimal control over your fluid systems.
  5. Quick Response Time: Featuring a rapid response time, it ensures swift fluid switching, making it suitable for processes that demand immediate adjustments.
  6. Leak-Proof Design: Our 2-way solenoid valve incorporates advanced sealing technology, ensuring a leak-free operation and preventing wastage of valuable fluids.
  7. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simple to install and maintain, this valve minimizes downtime and allows for hassle-free operation with minimal intervention.
  8. Wide Voltage Compatibility: It offers compatibility with a range of voltage options, making it adaptable to various electrical systems and control setups.
  9. Robust Construction: Engineered for long-term use, this solenoid valve can withstand demanding conditions and maintain its performance integrity over time.
  10. Customizable Options: We offer customizable configurations to meet your specific requirements, including different port sizes, seal materials, and coil options, ensuring a tailored solution for your fluid control needs.

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