Water Drain Solenoid Valve

Water Drain Solenoid Valve With Timer

drain solenoid valve
Auto Drain Water Brass 1/2" Filter Solenoid Valve With Timer widely used in air compressor, cooler, separator, dryer, filter, gas tank etcs compressed air system comonents, dischange time and the internal time can be adjuted.

Automatic Water Drain Solenoid Valve match analogous circuit solid state electron timer with the solenoid valve to realize discharging the condensed water of compressed pneumatic system at fixed time automatically.


1.High quality, low cost.

2.One kind of model suits all applications, simple installment automotic, exempts maintains.

3.Interval time and discharge time can be adjustable and have test buttons.

4.Pressure 16 Bar, 40 Bar, 80 Bar. Many inds of voltages and connections to be chose.

5.CE certification, IP65 protection rank.

6.5.0mm large diameter. Viton sealing.

7.Ball valve filter, fission with drain valve, assumed L structure.

Auto Drain solenoid valveautomatic drain solenoid valve