Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

The direct acting solenoid valve 
is designed in such a way that the ferromagnetic armature core within the core tube controlled by the electro magnet is directly controlling the flow or media through the valve. direct acting solenoid valve

There are two kinds of direct acting valve, normal close and normal open type. 
At the normally open solenoid valve , the fluid through-hole always remains open, working in conjunction with the coil at rest, thereby allowing a free flow of fluid from location "A" to "B", making it capable of operating even at zero pressure. The normally closed solenoid valve is often used in furnaces, cutting machines, compressors, pollution controllers, dental equipment and in the industrial, hospital, automotive and agricultural sectors. Generally, this type of valve has three ways, with connections "A" and "B", performing the interconnection of the equipment exhaust. With this, the third path is interconnected in socket "A", and the sealing occurs after energizing the coil.

Advantages of direct acting solenoid valves:

•Can be used for vacuum and low pressure systems.
•Better able to cope with particle debris.
•Available in miniature compact sizes that are very cost effective.
•Available in 2/2 and 3/2 way normally open or normally closed
•Miniature versions very energy efficient.

Disadvantages of direct acting solenoid valves:

•Typically more expensive for larger valves.
•Larger sizes not suitable for high pressures.
•Larger sizes very expensive.
•Larger sizes have high energy consumption.
•Miniature versions very low flow rates.

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