DF Cast Iron Solenoid Valve

 DF Cast Iron Liquid Solenoid Valve

 DF Cast Iron Liquid Solenoid ValveDF Liquid Cast Iron Water Solenoid Valve is the use of electromagnetic force to achieve the valve on and off the two - way automatic valve.It is the basic element to realize the automatic control of all kinds of gas and liquid pipelines with compressed air, clean water and low viscosity, no suspended substance and no corrosive medium.It can be widely used in automatic control system of machinery, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, textile, petroleum, light industry, transportation, national defense, scientific research and other departments.

Liquid Cast Iron Water Solenoid Valve is adopted pilot automatic control structure, compact structure, small volume, reliable action, excellent sealing performance, easy to use and maintenance.

After the coil energized, namely the formation of magnetic field, under the action of magnetic field, sucking up the iron core, open the pilot valve mouth, due to import the orifice is smaller than the guide valve mouth, at this point, the upper rubber diaphragm pressure is reduced, in under the action of working medium, the main valve opens, forming pathway, power outages, moving iron core reset by spring force and so on, close the pilot valve and the upper diaphragm pressure, the differential pressure function, immediately shut off the main valve.

DF Pressure:0.03-1.2Mpa
Material:Cart Iron Temperature:-5-80℃
Coil Material:Copper Voltage:AC220V, AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Medium:Water, Gas, Air, Fluid             DC12V,DC24V
Type:Normally Closed Sealing:NBR,EPDM, Viton



Solenoid Valve Size Chart(mm)
Valve NO. DN   CV   A B C N-φF Weight(kg)
DF-40F 40 30  155    110    205  4-φ18 6.5
DF-50F 50 48 200 125 200 4-φ18


DF-65F 65 52 259 145 277 4-φ18 9.5
DF-80F 80 82 278 160 289 8-φ18 18.1
DF-100F 100 125 350 180 316 8-φ18 25.4
DF-125F 125 222 400 210 380 8-φ18 45.7
DF-150F 150 292 450 240 405 8-φ22 55.2
DF-200F 200 513 560 340 516 12-φ22 112



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