Anti-Corrosive Solenoid Valve

 UPVC CPVC Anti Corrosive Solenoid Valve

The introduction of UPVC solenoid valve

UPVC,CPVC also known as hard PVC, is an amorphous hot resin made by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer and certain additives. It has strong mechanical properties, wear resistance, flame resistance, good dielectric properties, excellent corrosion resistance, which can adapt to the general corrosion of the fluid.
1.UPVC CPVC solenoid valve unique structural process
A,The fluid is completely separated from the metal parts (moving iron core, spring), realizing the real corrosion resistance in the structure;
B.Piston instead of diaphragm, solenoid valve service life greatly increased;
C, The pilot hole has very large diameter, short and straight path, which is not easy to be blocked by the crystallinity in the fluid from the particle precipitate( silt in the water and the crystalline salt in the brine);
D,Embedded sealing structure makes sealing performance more reliable.
2.Advantages of UPVC CPVCsolenoid valve
A,Electromagnetic zero leakage;
B,The aperture of the electromagnetic flow is the standard value, which meets the corresponding flow requirements; 
C,The electromagnetic particles in the two fluids have strong adaptability to sediment, which is used in sewage treatment, agriculture, forestry, irrigation, seawater desalination, and aquaculture. The acidic and alkaline fluids in the industrial process have obvious advantages, especially in the crystallizable fluids such as phosphoric acid;
D,UPVC CPVC material seals used by the United States health foundation (NSF) has passed the health and safety certification, in line with international standards for environmental drinking water.

Anti Corrosive Solenoid Valve
2W-ZP Pressure:0.1-0.6Mpa
Material:UPVC Temperature:-5-150℃
Coil Material:Copper Voltage:AC220V, AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Medium:Sea Water, Acid ,Chemical             DC12V,DC24V
Type:Normally Closed Sealing:Viton


Solenoid Valve Size Chart(mm)
Valve NO. Orifice   CV   A B C Thread Weight(kg)
2W-15ZP 15 4.8 75 63.5 132 1/2"


2W-20ZP 20 7.6 80 63.5 137 3/4" 0.82
2W-25ZP 25 12 100 74 147 1" 0.92
2W-35ZP 35 24 120 94 171 1 1/4" 1.31
2W-40ZP 40 29 130 94 180 1 1/2" 1.34
2W-50ZP 50 48 172 155 225 2" 3



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