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2W Stainless Steel Normally Open Solenoid Valve

2W stainless steel normally open solenoid valve is 2 way position semi direct acting diaphragm electric water solenoid valve. The valve is closed when the solenoid coil of de-energized(power off).  If the solenoid valve is required long-term opening, the normally open solenoid valve will be the ideal choice.

Water solenoid valves are very important to the automation of water or others fluid control, it;s vital that the right solenoid valve be used for a certain function. One commonly used solenoid valve is one that is normally open. This valve works slightly different than a valve that is normally closed.

The basic function of the normally open solenoid valve is the same. A normally open solenoid valve controls the flow of gas or liquid. This valve differs in the way that the flow is started or stopped. When a normally open solenoid valve is de-energized, the plunger is down, which means that a flow is allowed through the valve. Once the coil on the plunger is energized, however, the magnetic field causes the plunger to rise. This effectively seals the valve, preventing the gas or liquid from flowing through.


Stainless Steel Normally Solenoid Valve

2WHJ Pressure:0-0.6Mpa
Material:Stainless Steel Temperature:-5-80℃
Coil Material:Copper Voltage:AC220V, AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Medium:Water, Gas, Air, Fluid             DC12V,DC24V
Type:Normally Open Sealing:NBR,EPDM, Viton

Solenoid Valve Size Chart(mm)
Valve NO. Orifice   CV   A B C Thread Weight(kg)
2W160-10HJ 10 4.8  69   52  120 3/8" 0.88
2W160-15HJ 15 4.8 69 52 120 1/2"


2W200-20HJ 20 7.6 73 57 126 3/4" 0.95
2W250-25HJ 25 12 98 77 133 1" 1.3
2W350-35HJ 35 24 111 86 150 1 1/4" 2.2
2W400-40HJ 40 29 120 94 155 1 1/2" 2.5
2W500-50H 50 48 163 112 200 2" 4

 2W Stainless Steel Normally Open Solenoid valve has four coil with voltage AC220V, AC110V DC24V and DC 12 Volt. The coil head is fitted with a wire lead connection that can easily be connected with your own choice of terminals.


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