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2W Brass Normally Closed Solenoid Valve

2W Solenoid valve

2W Brass Normally Closed Solenoid Valve Section  2W solenoid valve is 2 way position semi direct acting diaphragm electric water solenoid valve. This structure combine the direct acting and pilot operated solenoid valve. Main valve and pilot valve step by step using magnetic force and different pressure directly open the valve. The valve is normally closed, when energized, plunger is lifted and the second orifice is opened by the plunger that has slightly large diameter than the first orifice. This causes the pressure in the chamber above the membrane to drop. As a result, the membrane is lifted not only by the plunger, but also by the pressure difference. When de-energized, the plunger go down by the self weight and elasticity, the second orifice is closed, and the pressure in the chamber above the membrane to raise. The valve closed through diaphragm by the pressure and elasticity. So 2W water solenoid valve can be working from zero pressure. And can control relatively large flow rates. Often, semi direct acting valves have more powerful coil than indirect operated solenoid valves. Semi-direct acting valves are sometimes called assisted-life solenoid valves.


Brass solenoid valve

2W Pressure:0-1.0Mpa
Material:Brass Temperature:-5-80℃
Coil Material:Copper Voltage:AC220V, AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Medium:Water, Gas, Air, Fluid             DC12V,DC24V
Type:Normally Closed Sealing:NBR,EPDM, Viton

Normally Closed Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve Size Chart(mm)
Valve NO. Orifice   CV   A B C Thread Weight(kg)
2W160-10 10 4.8  63   56  106 3/8" 0.63
2W160-15 15 4.8 63 56 106 1/2"


2W200-20 20 7.6 66 56 110 3/4" 0.66
2W250-25 25 12 90 72 118 1" 0.97
2W350-35 35 24 109 88 155 1 1/4" 1.97
2W400-40 40 29 115 95 162 1 1/2" 2.12
2W500-50 50 48 155 110 195 2" 2.94

 2W Brass Normally Closed Solenoid valve has four coil with voltage AC220V, AC110V DC24V and DC 12 Volt. The coil head is fitted with a wire lead connection that can easily be connected with your own choice of terminals.


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