2 Way Electric Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve is an equipment element that has many uses and in several areas. It is formed by two main parts: valve body and solenoid coil . The Valve is composed of body, cap, spring and diaphragm or piston. It has the mechanical function in the solenoid valve assembly. The solenoid coilis composed of copper wire wound on a coil with the center free. It is considered the main part of a Solenoid Valve.  The Solenoid Control Valve is a fundamental product for industrial automation. It is possible to close, dispense, distribute or mix gas, liquid and oil flow, ensuring control or protection. 

Solenoid Valve

Operation of the Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve has a coil which is formed by a wire wound through a cylinder. When an electric current passes through this wire, it generates a force in the center of the solenoid coil, causing the valve plunger to be actuated, creating an opening and closing system.
Another part that makes up the valve is the body, which has a device enabling or blocking the passage of a fluid when its rod is driven by the force of the coil. This force is what causes the pin to be drawn into the center of the coil, releasing the fluid passage.
The closing process of the solenoid valve occurs when the coil loses energy, as the pin exerts a force through its weight and the spring that has installed.

Solenoid Valve Types

Solenoid valves can be classified according to their type of action. It can be Direct Acting Valve or Pilot Operated Valve, being determined by the type of operation. For low capacity and small holes, use direct action valves. The indirect-acting solenoid valve, which is controlled by a pilot, is used in large systems.
NC (Normally Closed) VS NO (Normally Opened)
With 2/2-way valves, which are intended only for opening or closing (no 3-way variant), a distinction is made between NC and NO.
If classified according to the seal method. It can be diaphragm solenoid valve and piston solenoid valve.

Brass solenoid valves 
Brass Solenoid Valve

The brass solenoid valves will have a brass body and a brass cap and a combination of internal brass and stainless steel components, which in most cases will come in contact with the fluid passing through the solenoid valve. The diaphragm materials used inside the most used Buna-N sealing valve, and other options for EPDM, VITON, Neiopreme and PTFE which are suitable for most compressed air, water, drinking water, vacuum, steam, mineral oils and vegetables and most other non-corrosive and non-aggressive liquids and gases. The pressure typically ranges from 0 to 350 bar .
Stainless Steel Solenoid Valvestainless Steel solenoid valve
The stainless steel solenoid valves will be constructed from AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel with an internal blend of various types of stainless steel such as stainless steel AISI302, AISI304 and 430F. which in most cases will come in contact with the fluid that passes through the solenoid valve. Typical sealing materials include FKM, NBR, EPDM, FFKM, PTFE, HNBR and other more specialized sealing materials available because stainless steel has excellent chemical resistance. Typical fluid applications include air, water, pure water, reverse osmosis water, demineralized water, acids and poplars, and corrosive and slightly aggressive acids. The natural corrosion resistance makes this type of solenoid valve ideal for the food, chemical and petrochemical industries. The pressure ranges from 0 to more than 500 bar.
Water, Air,Oil,Gas, Fluid Solenoid Valve Series
Feature:  this valve is automatic controller category of solenoid valve in the actuator, automatic control or remote control working medium such as air, water, oil and gas pipeline on and off, the valve series has a wide application, using a variety of medium, wide working range, long life and other characteristics.
a.DF fluid solenoid valve is pilot operated(indirected actuated) diaphragm structure with good sealing. Need to work under certain pressure differential.Low requirement for medium clearness, high generality, open/close quickly and Stable performance. It can withstand pressure up to 1.0 Mpa, minimum operating pressuire is 0.03Mpa. The temperature as high as 90℃. 
b. 2W、UW、SLDF series is direct acting diaphragm structure. It can operate under zero head pressure,  the magnetic head is strong enough to lift the diaphragm by the force of the magnetic field on the lifting armature even at full working pressure and thus to open the valve. Hence they are used where little or no fluid pressure is available such as vacuum service or low pressure applications. The working pressure is up to 1.0Mpa, medium temperature is less than 80℃.
c.SLP high pressure solenoid valve series, this valves have a type of bypass or 2nd chamber in which the magnetic head only opens and closes a small poppet valve. By opening the small valve, the medium flows into a chamber and presses (or closes) the main diaphragm and thus opens (closes) the actual valve. The advantage small power big flow. The maximum pressure up to 1.6Mpa. Medium temperature -5-80℃ 
Sealing Material: NBR(Nitriel Rubber); FKM(Viton); Food and medical industry choose the Siliconewater solenoid valve
Steam Solenoid Valve
Feature: This valve is automatic solenoid control valve. It can automatic control or remote control work medium such as steam, water, oil pipe on and off, the valve series has a wide application, using a variety of medium, wide range of working pressure, long life, etc.
a.ZQDF Zero pressure differential steam solenoid valve is step by step direct acting structure combined by dirct acting valve and pilot operated valve. The valve can open without pressure and big flow under low pressure differential. It’s low pressure solenoid valve, the maximum pressure is 0.8Mpa. Medium temperature is as high as 220℃. 。
b.ZCZ(ZCQ) steam solenoid valve series is pilot operated structure. Need to work under certain pressure differential. The working pressure from 0.03Mpa to 1.6Mpa. Temperature is up to 220℃.
c.ZCLF big flow steam solenoid valve is indrectly actuated structure. Use the diffenential pressure to turn on/off the valve(controled by coil energised or non-energised). The feature is big flow. Temperature is up to 220℃.
d.ZCT stainless steel solenoid valve is piston structure. Pressure from 0.01 to 1.0Mpa. Medium temperature is less than 155℃.
e.2L(US) series is piston steam solenoid valve. This series are designed with small volume, big flow and wide range of application. Pressure from 0.01 to 1.6Mpa. Temperature is as high as 180℃.
f. SLA steam solenoid valve is pilot operated structure. Normally the working pressure is from 0.5 to 1.0Mpa. The maxium pressuire can reach to 4.0Mpa. The medium temperature is up to 180℃. Sealing material is PTFE(Teflon) to suit for different medium.
Sealing material: PTFE(Teflon), FKM(Viton)  steam solenoid valve
Solenoid Valve Coil
a, Voltage according to the valve body nameplate requirements;
b. Outdoor installation, pay attention to the waterproof and dustproof measures of the coil;
c. Install high-humidity environment or underwater, use plastic sealed full waterproof coil;
d. Explosive environment should use explosion-proof coil.
Solenoid Valve Body
Normally use brass forged valve body. Corrosive fluid or food industry choose stainless steel material
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